Machinations (RE​-​ISSUE)

by Arbiter

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    It's 2016 and deep in the archives, we found an unfinished version of this album that existed before there was some kind of issue where the kick drum on the final album ended up sounding very faint on a handful of tracks! We are "re-issuing" the album with the previously-CD-only hidden tracks and letting it go for free so anyone who bought it before can have the full experience and anyone who could never fork the dough for the album can finally enjoy it. You've waited long enough, have at it!
    - Arbiter

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released January 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Arbiter Traverse City, Michigan

We are Arbiter, and after 8 years in a band together, we are entering our "third era"—this time, we're making a video game, and our new album will be the soundtrack for it. Join the Alpha Core here on our Bandcamp to see the development process from the inside out—and get all of Arbiter's content all at once. ... more

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Track Name: MechaGod
[An hour after the Extropians' extermination of Humanity had begun, Ironclad reinforcements arrived. They were the Dreadnauts-- Small in number yet large at heart. They shouted cries of bravery to their invaders. Some Extropian soldiers questioned their chance at victory
and, against their way of living, began to call on superstition and luck to pull them through. Their superiors thought otherwise: "Hush your pleadings! On this day, the Ironclad will fall!"]

"They will fear us,
And we will watch them die;
Torn from the years of their oppression
Keeping them alive."
- Xeth, Extropian Deathbringer

"Put your faith in something more,
Than the God that they say,
Sees your every move...
Does he watch you hit the floor?
When your days are shattered;
With nothing left to lose?"
- Xel, Extropian Elder

"There's another way for the chosen ones.
There is a 'God' for the rest of us,
Programmed to conquer till the end of time.

This is Extropia;
Dawn of the MechaGod!
And we will see the
Rise of the Black Dawn!”
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

“Extropians, quell your fears!
The MechaGod will guide us through this full-scale war.
Hold your ground and keep your faith in our destiny...
We have been chosen!

(They will fear us!)

They will lie dead, and we will outlive!
Rising to the next world to conquer again and again,
And again and again!”
- Xra, Extropian Battleguard

(Put your faith in something more!)

...This is Extropia;
Dawn of the MechaGod!
And we will see the
Rise Of the Black Dawn!
Track Name: We Will Silence
[The Extropians waged gruesome war with the Ironclad Army, firing ice from their Shard Rifles into the forested coastlines of Eos Lux and the bodies of its inhabitants. The Ironclad Warriors, reinforced by their Dreadnauts division, fought back with unending pride and a
collective voice of power. In response, rallying voices from the Extropian war-boats in Shineloch Bay reassured both armies that "...the Ironclad will be silenced!"]

"The time is now!
Their flame could burn forever,
(But only without water!)
Our MechaGod will douse the fire!
- Voices from Extropian War-boats

"Their flame burns bright...
...We'll dim the Light!"
- Nox, Extropian General

"We will hush the voice of exaltation!
We will silence through all our machinations!
They spend life dying...
...We earn days to live.
They will be extinct...
...We will be evolving into higher beings.
No more co-operation!
We will hush the voice of reclamation!"
- Shouts from Extropian Soldiers

"Shut your mouth,
And bite your tongue!
Swallow your words! (Swallow your blood!)
We will exterminate you all!"
- Xeth, Extropian Deathbringer

"We will live on! We were the chosen ones!
The time is now! And when the world is quiet,
We will press on, and we will conquer again!
And all their colonies, they will be silenced!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

We will move on and conquer again!
...Conquer again!

Conquer Again:

The time is now, to make the world quiet,
And with the MechaGod... we will silence!
Track Name: Heavensent (Updated 2016)
[The Great Divide had begun. Prophecies long foretold of a split among all men and a war thereafter. The Ironclad and Extropian armies rested from their first day at battle-- friends and family lying dead under a wake of vultures. Both sides rose the next morning weary
from battle, unwilling to continue the slaughter. Their heads hung and morale plummeted... until the two most powerful voices in all of Eos approached their tired armies; Nirtok, Overseer of the Ironclad Army and Xa, Overseer of all Extropian peoples. Both stood tall
before their armies and delivered powerful yet all-too-similar words:]

"Extropians, the time is now...
We'll be the keeper of the stars.
We guide this world...
But our enemy is holding us back.
With the rage of beasts, they assemble for war!
Years of Machinations have come down to this day...

So let it be known: War is at hand.
For years we have grown apart...
The time to divide has come.
Who will you die for?
We are faced with the end of an era...

...This is fight or flight. Fly or die.
There's no more questioning when you look at the sky.
...So together we'll fight: With unity and pride.

And with the MechaGod...
We will silence the voice...
Heavensent from the sky...
Extropians: We are the Judgement.
We have the power to hush the roar of silence!
We have the power to tip the scales of existence,
And change all that is Time and God!”
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

...We are all the Arbiter...

Now We Diverge:
Track Name: The Diverge (Updated 2016)
[As the Ironclad and Extropian forces charged, a massive conflux of the two armies occurred. Blood spilled and lives were lost as each side struggled to be the one allowed to live on. The Great Divide was in full effect. Clashes of armor, weapons and icy explosions shook
the Azurean Shores, and echoed deep into the heart of Terragrove. Screams of victory and agony danced among each other to the song of battle. This is War.]

"Now We Divide!
Ironclads, your end is now!
We will ascend!
In the end we will stand triumphant!
...We will stand triumphant!
We will be immortal!
...We will stand triumphant!
...We will stand triumphant!
You will bow to our black hearts!
...We will triumph!

Now is our time; We divide and... we will conquer all!
...Conquer all!
...We will conquer!"
- Shouts from Extropian Soldiers

"We kill, we die... but time marches on!
We've grown apart... so we can grow strong."
- Xau, Extropian Elder

"Find your faith in the MechaGod,
It will see us live forever!
Do you really think... God will save you?
How could you hide from the truth?
There can only be... One Fate.
How could ours be untrue?
What you believe... Is the source of all suffering!
Why can't you see?... Your way of life is nothing!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

"We kill, we die... but time marches on!
We've grown apart... how can we grow strong?"
- Xau, Extropian Elder

"Only we... will see the face of Time.
Only we... can see the face of "God."
When we arrive in Eternity...
...We will be at peace.
No longer burdened by your ways.
And then we can ascend!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

"We kill, we die... but time marches on!
We've grown apart... now we can't grow strong..."
- Xau, Extropian Elder

...This isn't over yet!
Track Name: Machinations
[Though the Extropian soldiers still rained death on the Ironclad Army, they were pushed back to the Azurean Shores, constrained to their war-boats there. With more water as ammunition for their ice weaponry, Extropian forces found new strength, but the Ironclad had
proven their power. There was frustration among the Extropians as they began to lose their footing, and at the onset of this uncertainty came the long-forgotten anger and despair the Extropian way of life strove to avoid.]

"You wanted war? Well you've got a war!
Extermination for the last of your kind.
We will fight with all we have left to give!
...Driven by the god...
By the god that does not live!
...Strike now and kill!
We grow weak, but victory is ours;
Charge like the darkness
through a shattered heart!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

“(We are)
No longer made by your maker.
(No longer made...)
No longer made by the sky!
We are made... by what we made!"
- Xeno, Extropian Scientist

"Through all the betrayal...
The pain we've endured...
How could we permit this injustice?
For ten years, we have suffered alone;
No family, no friendship, no warmth in our hearts.
Driven to exile by our own kind...
For we were too different to unify...
But we are the chosen!
Destined to sail the final ocean!
War does not end, so we must begin again.
We will ascend as Extropians!"
- Xel, Enlightened Extropian

(We Will Ascend.)

"Begin again! Fight for your life!
See how your horizons have shrunk.
Time has run out, now fight!
And though our lines grow weak...
(Swing down the arm of might!)
And though our numbers drop...
We will... We will...
Send the tremors of our Machinations...
To the end of Time and God...
...End God."
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer
Track Name: Colossus
[Xa, Commander of the Extropian Army, had pulled back the extermination effort. The remaining Extropian war-boats moved homeward to Eos Umbra while the Ironclad warriors collapsed on the shores of Eos Lux, panting and vomiting from fatigue. Xa stood upon the deck of one
war-boat, ablaze in his forbidden anger, and shouted from his dark heart:]

"You have not heard the end of me!
I will see to your every death!
And when we reassemble for war!
You'll lay dead!
Then we will truly see where you end up when your life is gone!
No more co-operation... you will lay dead!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer

...And you cannot prepare...
...For what walks your way...
...A terror unbeknownst to man...
...A towering machine of death...

“The Visitors unto Earth shall bow before him:
Extropian kind will soon ascend...
The primitive Humans will burn, and turn to dirt!
The beast of steel. Immortal man...
They forge as one. Colossus: Born!

...The MechaGod is born.
His Son is manifest.
Colossus: Walk and bring unto them death!"
- Xeno, Extropian Scientist

"We have suffered no loss. We retreat to forge the beast!
One with power beyond your God's, and you will know no further victory.
You have left us weak and injured, but fate cannot be denied.
Our destiny to ascend and conquer as Extropians will never die!
Hold your breath, prepare for the worst, your days are numbered,
For when we meet again, it will be our last encounter!

You may have won the battle,
But you will not win this war!
This isn't over!"
- Xa, Extropian Council Overseer