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— This year, Arbiter are making their third full album, which will be the soundtrack to the first Arbiter video game!
— Arbiter's 'Alpha Core' is the subscription service which gives people the sights, sounds and even early access to the Arbiter Game and its Soundtrack as they are developed.
— 'Alpha Core' is a paid subscription which gets you into a private development hub featuring music updates, game updates, private chat with Arbiter's members, and more! (Think Patreon.)
— Subscribers to 'Alpha Core' instantly receive Arbiter's Bandcamp Digital Music Discography including any bonus materials included (even the secret, hidden stuff you don't see on the track lists!)
— As development and recording happens, 'Alpha Core' subscribers will get screenshots, videos, sound clips, teasers, Q&A opportunities, and more directly from the band members that are working on all of it!
— 'Alpha Core' subscribers will also be chosen as the eventual Closed Alpha Testers to help with Alpha Testing the Arbiter game, and will get at least some of the final game for free as a thank you for supporting the project early.
— The Arbiter video game should end up playable on Android & iOS devices as well as PC and other platforms. Limited or even full VR support is also a possibility, depending on reception & support of the project.
— A project is only as powerful as its core. Become part of something big as two great things fuse together to become one. Become a subscriber to Arbiter's 'Alpha Core' today to get your huge bundle of music and start getting private access to all of the new content.


Arbiter is a metal band known for doing a lot more than just jamming their heavy tunes in the recording studio. From prank music videos & cheesy cover songs to paperback poetry books & entire story-worlds, Arbiter has often blurred the line between "music" and "art in general." Having kicked off the year 2016 with their solid new track 'Deadlift', Arbiter plan to charge headfirst into an entirely new creative medium, again without leaving their staple of heavy, pounding metal music behind, not even a little bit.

In 2016, Arbiter is developing a playable, first-person video game which will feature their upcoming, third full album as its dynamically interwoven soundtrack. Projected for both Android and iOS devices as well as PC release & beyond, the Arbiter game does not merely use Arbiter's new tracks as background music—the soundtrack itself is affected by your actions in-game and could be different every time. Arbiter will, of course, also release the soundtrack as an arranged digital album for distribution across the net after the premiere of the video game down the line.

The Arbiter game features three main gameplay styles which depend on how you choose to play:
— Action Adventure & Some Platforming
— Exploration & Puzzle Solving
— Survival Horror
All of these are in the first person view, and all will feature tracks from Arbiter's third
album which reflect the play style and their situations!

Excited yet? What if there was a way to see how the entire development process was going, and get earliest possible access to the game and new music? What if this also unlocked the full Arbiter Bandcamp Discography, too? What if all of this was only available to you and a select few others, while everyone else just gets the occasional Facebook/Instagram/Twitter update and maybe a YouTube video update?

All of this is possible with a subscription to Arbiter's 'Alpha Core.' Subscribing to this insider community will instantly unlock Arbiter's full Bandcamp Discography, including all bonus and secret content. This is just the beginning, however, as subscribers also get Alpha Core-only development updates, audio clips, gameplay samples, videos, Q&A opportunities, and beyond. Alpha Core members also become the Closed Alpha Test Group, getting very first access to the Arbiter game when the time for testing comes. There are even more reasons to join the Alpha Core, and all of them give you access to an entire underground world full of music, gaming and Arbiter-related goodies that just won't stop until even after the game is finally released.

What are you waiting for? Subscribe today to get the full Arbiter Discography and to come along for the journey of game development, music writing & recording, and more. Support is divided into three levels, and all of the support directly influences how well and how quickly the new project will near its completion. Don't wait, this underground private community is already up and running!

Explore the 'Alpha Core' and seize the opportunity to essentially hang out with us throughout the whole journey!

What you get:

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Traverse City, Michigan
We are Arbiter, and after 8 years in a band together, we are entering our "third era"—this time, we're making a video game, and our new album will be the soundtrack for it. Join the Alpha Core here on our Bandcamp to see the development process from the inside out—and get all of Arbiter's content all at once.

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