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released October 18, 2011



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Arbiter Traverse City, Michigan

We are Arbiter, and after 8 years in a band together, we are entering our "third era"—this time, we're making a video game, and our new album will be the soundtrack for it. Join the Alpha Core here on our Bandcamp to see the development process from the inside out—and get all of Arbiter's content all at once. ... more

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Track Name: Destroyer (Rebirth Version)
The Rain in endless fall,
pouring down on the streets;
Our tears trailing down all at once,
like they all fell from the same face.

Oh, God...
Dark days have come, how could this happen here?
Of all the darkness overcome, how could hatred persevere?
And what was so unbearable you felt the need to take a life?
All of us have felt this, how could we keep our composure now?

Oh, God!
Why is she gone?
All we can do is cry...

Where was your heart?!
Why did she have to die?!

In the skies, she waits for us, with that smile still on her face.
I know you miss the ones you loved, but we all know you're in a better place!
Can you hear us now? (Can you hear us now?!)
We're speaking out to you!
You're not forgotten and we'll see you again... soon!

But as for him...
Some of us have wished her fate upon you.
I've heard them say they wish you'd die.
But we won't let you take the easy way out.
You will regret this all your life...

You will be suffering all your life.