by Arbiter

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Arbiter is back in 2016 with a new single which is true to form, meant to inspire themselves and all of their listeners to accomplish their goals & dreams while the opportunity is still alive.

Featuring straightforward riffs, high energy, and non-stop, grizzly bear vocals, Arbiter has returned with a condensed, no-frills heavy-hitter that they're proud to have put together.


released March 1, 2016

Recorded by Josh Marr, Connor Arbiter
Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Josh Marr of Arbiter

Arbiter 2016 is:
Connor Arbiter - Vocals/Lyrics
Josh Marr - Guitar
Logan Clarke - Guitar/Drums
Jason Martin - Bass



all rights reserved


Arbiter Traverse City, Michigan

We are Arbiter, and after 8 years in a band together, we are entering our "third era"—this time, we're making a video game, and our new album will be the soundtrack for it. Join the Alpha Core here on our Bandcamp to see the development process from the inside out—and get all of Arbiter's content all at once. ... more

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Track Name: Deadlift
You let your dreams die, and you know it.
Your wasted time cuts you like a knife;
Drop the blade, get back on your feet right now!
It's time to bring you back to life.

Don't you waste another day.
I've heard all your fucking excuses,
It's so fucking old!
Don't you dare blame me for the time you've wasted. (That's bullshit!)
Your dream is yours, so shut the fuck up!

I don't care if you failed, don't give up.
So your friends let you down... so what?
Tough it out, get it back, suck it up!
Remember: This is what life's all about.

I know your dreams have all but collapsed.
We've all been there, so trust us:
Someday you'll get it back.
Your life was rained upon, yet the fire still remains,
If only you'll decide to rise, your fears will burst to flame.

We are here to kill the doubt in you!
Don't be scared:
And when you face the doubt that haunts you,
You will fucking kill it to become what you want to,
So do it! Don't cushion the pillows of your deathbed.

You've had the dream. You woke up.
There's just one more step: now take it,
All the way to the bank, and cash it!
Get the job, get the girl/guy, have some faith.

You've got the plan, and the time,
Now make it happen... now!
And if you know what you want, then get the fuck up!
Get out there and get it, I promise you:
All the way to the grave, you'll be smiling!
I don't care what the fuck they told you.

This world is designed to make you fail and suffer.
Show it you're more than cash to spend!

You're worth more than advertising.
Stay true, don't feed the beast!
...No end to its hunger...
Only free minds can bring it down.

Stand up tall, take a deep breath:
It's time to decide how you spend the day.

Will you eat the fruit of the future,
Or shovel the shit of the past?

Prove Your Worth.
You're Nothing: Prove Me Wrong.