Shards of Exo: Natura (Incomplete)

by Arbiter



'The Shards of Exo' was an Audio Puzzle sub-album, an expansion EP to Ironclad/Machinations, designed to shed light on Exo, the island between Eos Lux (home of The Ironclad) and Eos Umbra (home of The Extropians) in the Arbiter back-story. This mysterious island holds The Shards of Exo:
"The shards were once part of a recording stone containing "The Hymn of Exo", a song of unity and co-operation. Now the Hymn is scattered in fragments, and it's up to YOU to put them back in order to learn the pass-code for unlocking an undiscovered secret about Arbiter's new Ironclad/Machinations albums!"

The expansion EP did not enter production, and remains merely a concept. The audio for The Shards of Exo was to be a bonus track cut up into 14 coherent sections, then rearranged and scattered across Shards of Exo: Mecha and Natura. Using the language of the Dua and the sound of the song itself, listeners would have been challenged to arrange the tracks in a way which presented a riddle across all of their bizarre looking titles.

Once deciphered, the riddle's answer would have unlocked the password-protected file containing various bonus materials—"The Treasures of Exo"—including the full bonus song in the correct order as well as the "Great Divide" super-song (the enhanced version of the result of playing "The Diverge" and "The Divide" at the exact same time.)

The enhanced "supersong" was never recorded as Ironclad/Machinations production limitations did not meet the expectations of the band. This, of course, halted production of this expansion EP as well.


released February 19, 2013



all rights reserved


Arbiter Traverse City, Michigan

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